Jan 21, 2020 · QRP transceivers and transceiver kits for HF - CW, DSB, SSB or digital modes. 4 State QRP Group Nouveau 75 - AM-transceiver kit. Breadboard Radio Splinter II 40m QRPp ca 0.45W (VXO 5-7 kHz). CommRadio CTX-10. CRKits HT-1A, CS-series, D4D digital. EA3GCY EGV-40, ILER 17 mk2, ILER 20 mk2, ILER 40 mk2, MFT-20, MFT-40. Elecraft® K2, KX2, KX3. HF Signals
100W SSB/CW HF Transceiver (80m, 40m, 30m, 20m) HBR4HFS $ 215.00 Add to Cart Quick View; HBR4HF Quad Band HF Transceiver (80m, 40m, 20m, 10m+) $ 199.00 Add to Cart Quick View; RTC03B (CONTROLLER) $ 65.00 Add to Cart Quick View

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Frequency synthesizer HF EASY 2018. This is a universal frequency synthesizer with 2.8 "display which is perfect for your homemade receiver / transceiver design with one or tw.. $99.00.
Overview. Elecraft’s state-of-the-art K3S transceiver offers a unique combination of ultra-high performance and affordability. The factory-assembled K3S is comparable in both features and performance to transceivers listing at up to six times its price.

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Pixie kits are great gifts for your Ham operator for such occasions an as birthdays, graduation, retirement any occasion that needs a gift for a Ham operator a Pixie transceiver will be a hit. We also have all the related items for your Pixie, Crystals, Antennas, Batteries, Power Supplies.
SDR transceivers have become more advanced and lately some also portable. The SDR transceivers that have been introduced by other companies, Flex Radio Systems in particular...

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Transceiver. Photos, info and manual downloads. Photos, info and manual downloads. HF SSB transceiver 2-30mc, CW/SSB, 500w. Collins KWT-6 family. Photos, info and manual downloads: AN/URC-34 (115vac) AN/URC-34X (115vdc) USCG only? 6 channel HF AM transceiver (2-9 mc) RT-452/URC Transmitter-Receiver. 3 x 6146 final, 2x 6146 modulators
True kit - soldering required (about 40 hours to build boards, assemble, cal and test). ALL-MODE QRP TRANSCEIVER for HF + 6m +4m (12 Bands + General Coverage RX) MADE IN EUROPE...

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Tentec is a leader HF, VHF transceivers,RF amplifiers, antenna analyzers, QRP transceivers, made in the USA Kanga US Amateur radio kits by Kanga US. 30m QRP Transceiver kit 38 Special, 30m QRP transceiver by Norcal QRP club, single super het receiver, full QSK with sidetone smoothly Vectronics
RS-918 15W HF SDR Transceiver MCHF-QRP Transceiver Amateur Shortwave Radio 2021. QRP CW/SSB Multi-band Klopik-2 transceiver. Output PA 10 Watt. (KIT diy).

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The Heathkit Model HW-8 Transceiver is a solid-state, four-band QRP (low power) unit covering the CW portion of the eighty, forty, twenty, and fifteen meter amateur bands. The direct-conversion receiver features an RF stage, a balanced product detector, and an active audio filter wide or narrow selectivity.
The NORCAL SIERRA: An 80-15 Meter CW Transceiver ARRL Handbook 1996, pp. 17.89-17.95 This project is available as a complete kit from Wilderness Radio. A Simple and Accurate QRP Directional Wattmeter QST February 1990, pp. 19-23, 36 A directional wattmeter that's simple, portable, and accurate from 10 watts down to 5 milliwatts!

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Homebrew 8-band SSB HF transceiver (EI9GQ) -- Part 1 Receiver. MikroTik LHG LTE6 kit. Диджитализируй!
Here are new lists for qrp transceivers, qrp transceiver kits, sdr qrp transceivers and sdr qrp transceiver kits. If I find more to add it will be added. Please share the page to others, as to friends and to readers of your web page if you maybe have one, or other communities.

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SunSDR2 DX is a direct sampling 100 watt SDR transceiver developed for the serious DX:er and contest operator. It covers all HF bands plus 50 MHz and 144 MHz VHF bands with a general coverage receiver. It combines high performance and 100 watt transmit power in a small package with a LAN interface for maximum flexibility. Remote control over DSL or mobile 3G or 4G connections provide a full ...
Jun 06, 2020 · SDR Cube "Quick Kit" Virtually no soldering required, because we did it for you! Just mechanically assemble the seven (7) pre-built & tested pcb's into the enclosure, calibrate, and you'll be in business with your SDR Cube Transceiver! (Click for more info) RF PowerCube (Coming to production in Fall of 2020)

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Dec 28, 2020 · Some of them are Chinese HF transceiver and we are in favour of portable hf transceiver. During ham vention I went to the MFJ booth and I picked up as a Jew g90. This is a pretty intriguing portable, a little bit higher than qrp radio and let’s check it out today. So the quick details on the zg 90 is: it is an all hf band, portable 20 watt radio.
Homebrew 8-band SSB HF transceiver (EI9GQ) -- Part 1 Receiver. MikroTik LHG LTE6 kit. Диджитализируй!

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Xiegu X5105 QRP HF Transceiver Amateur Ham Radio VOX SSB CW AM FM RTTY PSK 0.5-30MHz 50-54MHz 5W with USB Cable CE-19 Expansion Card (2019 Upgraded Version) 3.9 out of 5 stars 18 $639.00
HF 6M HF SDR TRANSCEIVER ATU 200 WATTS. Originally: $5,199.95-NOW ON SALE!-$4,199.95 Buy . Powerwerx PowerpoleBag PowerPole Crimping Tool + 150 Assorted 15 / 30 / 45 ...
6 Band Shortwave. - 1 x 6 band transceiver board DIY kit. Usually it cost about 35USD-50USD. - Need a lot of soldering, should have enough patience.SSB 6.1 SSB6.1 multiband RTX.
Aug 30, 2015 - QRP 5 Watts TRX-305A HF SDR Transceiver KIT
Suggestions for good ham radio HF transceiver kit. Close. 2. Posted by. u/gett13. 3 years ago. Archived. Suggestions for good ham radio HF transceiver kit. Please, 73 ...

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